Ride the waves with whitewater rafting in the company of friends or family. A unique experience in Val di Sole can become reality, thanks to the river Noce and numerous equipped centers that orgniazzano river activities in complete safety.

The Noce River is known in Europe and the world for its particular characteristics that make it the best river in Europe for river activities. Along the banks of Walnut there are numerous centers equipped for the practice of water sports. Maesti experts propose descents of various types of simple lines but also along more challenging routes for experienced athletes.


Is a classic boat downhill, over the guide can board from 3 to 6 passengers. The excitement is assured since the currents in some places become very high and very intense. The adventure can last a few hours, depending on the type of the chosen path. The Walnut allows Whether short or long, with different levels of difficulty.



Well-known sports activities along the river Noce require them to be practiced by experienced athletes, or at least followed in a direct manner by experienced guides. The thrill of being in close contact with the water is guaranteed.



it is a sort of aquatic bob, with whom we descend the river 'face down'. You live down the rapids with hydro-speed an incredible experience, thanks to the direct contact with the surface of the water!



is a new activity that centers equipped propose a number of years to its customers. This is the descent along gorges and waterfalls, some with the help of special harnesses, and partly sliding down the wet rocks. The activity carried out at picnic areas and safely, it is increasingly appreciated in Val di Sole, for the strong emotions that is able to give to those who practice it!


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